:: Luciferianism ::
By: Rev. Vicutus, Dominus de Ordo Sekhemu

The name derives from the Latin term ‘lucem ferre’, bringer/bearer of light. In the Latin tongue, 'lucif-er, -era, -erum' (adj.) means shiny. Whereas 'Lucif-er, -eri' (m) is morning star, planet Venus, and son of Aurora and Cephalus. As far as older uses of the name prior to the Greek/Romans: The ancient Persian Prince of Darkness was known as Ahriman. The Babylonians had a lightening god (Zu) who fell as a fiery flying serpent. Also there was an Egyptian serpent god, Sata, (father of Lightening and who likewise fell to earth). It seems that the name has gone through some changes to suit the native tongue, but the idea remains the same - an entity that was struck to earth. Over the centuries, a metamorphosis of the idea of Lucifer as being Satan took place. Lucifer and Satan are viewed as separate and distinct beings. To most Luciferians, Satan is a thoughtform constructed by Man.

Luciferianism is a state of being with a focus to illumine our surroundings and enlighten those around us. To Aspire and Become Aspired Beings! It is the innermost circle that surrounds the Universum Power. Christians recognize this as the first Triad surrounding the central core of the Trinity.

The Lucifer principle is based on Divine Wisdom. In Christianity, Lucifer was the highest and most beautiful angel designed by the Creator. This is symbolical to Luciferians because it exemplifies that we too are Creatures of Beauty created of our own design - the Divine within. Luciferianism is a state of being, Dark Perfection. By looking within, one discovers the illuminated aspect of the Divine. The study of the Lucifer principle promotes self-deification and liberation. This consciousness constitutes initiation into Higher Knowledge and Divine Power. The calling of the Luciferian is a spiritual mission upon the physical realm to pass on the Dark Flame of our Father and liberate humanity from the bondage of ignorance and move them from the lower to higher realms of consciousness.

To help preserve humanity, Lucifer bestowed upon the spiritually elect Divine Fire (higher consciousness). Thus, we move humanity from the lower to higher realms of consciousness as Dark Angels on earth. Our calling is a spiritual mission upon the physical realm to pass on the Dark Flame of our Father and liberate humanity from the bondage of ignorance.

As Ruler of the outermost sphere, Lucifer becomes the Guardian of Time and Eternity. He stands at the outer limits of the limitless, girding Himself in space and Being, and all creation. By ‘rebelling’ against the static, Lucifer established cosmic order. This implies death and destruction, known to Christians as the ‘War in Heaven’. By breaking the cosmic order, Lucifer became the creator of the visible world. Thus, Lucifer is the governor of the revealed world, over life and death, over light and darkness. As the breaker of cosmic order and unity, Lucifer institutes death – causing regeneration and change to Become (Xeper). Lucifer is the ‘tester’ and ‘judge’; spiritual resurrection into the Luciferian Consciousness constitutes initiation into Higher Knowledge and Divine Power.

This is a time of Progressive Revelation as we move into a cosmic Nehas-t (Spiritual Resurrection). It is the age of the Luciferian Consciousness, which is the embodiment of Enlightenment (Divine Knowledge learned) and Endarkment (Divine Knowledge already within you). One perceives the physical realm through the eyes of wisdom rather than through the illusions produced by ego. The Divine is expressed through us as we struggle to achieve the state of Dark Perfection. The initiate carries the Divine Spark from mainstream religions and takes his place as one of the Spiritually Elect. The search for Knowledge (Gnosis) motivates the initiate to seek his own Truth rather than the philosophical ideals imprinted by the matrix of society. The initiate journeys beyond the Threshold and is mentally and spiritually challenged by Forces before being allowed to enter the mental spheres of the Lucifer Consciousness.

Through this philosophy the mystic spiritually resurrects into Luciferian Consciousness. Spiritual Resurrection is an incarnation of the Higher Self as our souls are personifications of the blackness of the vast un-manifest regions of existence. Here, one has gained mastership of the higher and lower states of consciousness, and exalt in the union & harmony of spirit & matter, and the renewed life of Lucifer’s faith through you.

The effects of shifting into the Luciferian Consciousness liberate the Mind of the initiate from the Solar Logos. The distance from the World of Man to that of the Luciferian state of mind symbolizes the human potential for a desire to completely explore the outer system within and beyond the vast realm of Darkness. For wrapped in Darkness we find the Light! The Initiate symbolically rises through the planetary spheres and accesses the firmament and the Light. The pull of the Illuminant on man represents the contestation to liberate humanity from the bondage of ignorance, and re-crystallize him with Illuminati Principles. The principle is understood as an expelled spark of the Divine, which has struggled through the darkness of matter where it manifests itself as light upon crystallization.

The Luciferian School of Thought emphasizes the power of mind, the development of will, the creative power of thought and all the problems of mental science, as well as the force of spiritual aspiration, in bringing about harmony in the student's own body and in those who may apply it for healing. Also, that mere intellect without love is sterile and one-sided; ...that mind is not all, but must be used to reach into higher realms and become united with the spiritual consciousness of the Higher Self and receive the Baptism of the Spirit.

Follow the light of the Star within you. Expand from personality into impersonality and take your place as a master of life! Cultivate the powers that give you freedom, which release you from the shackles and chains of the lower selfhood. Be spiritually, and intellectually free; then you can be trusted with all the occult powers within you and within the Universe surrounding you.

© 2000 Ordo Sekhemu.